Vision & Values

Our Vision
We work together as one Trust, one family of schools, one community - inspired by a vision for excellence. We commit ourselves to deepen our mission and raise standards in order to provide an excellent Catholic education for every child in our care.

“Our mission is to be a community of outstanding schools in which our pupils flourish in safe, happy and stimulating environments and leave us with the knowledge and skills, personal qualities and aspirations, to make the world a better place, inspired by the Gospel.”


Mission Statement, 2018


Our Values
We are defined by our mission and our Gospel values. These stand at the heart of everything we do:
  • Humility – seeing life as a gift
  • Compassion – empathy
  • Kindness – gentleness
  • Justice – working for a fairer world
  • Forgiveness - reconciliation
  • Integrity – do what you say
  • Peace – committed to peace-making, non-violence
  • Courage – standing up for truth
Our schools are invited to adopt this common set of Gospel values and integrate them into the liturgical and curriculum life of the school.
A Pathway to Excellence

The vision, values and principles of Plymouth CAST are set out in 'A Pathway to Excellence' approved by the Board in July 2022.
Plymouth Cast
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