Journey with Plymouth CAST

Experience the Journey with CAST Multi Academy Trust…

Welcome to the heart of educational excellence – Plymouth CAST Multi Academy Trust. Join us on a remarkable journey that harmonises individuality with unity, creating a tapestry of exceptional schools within our trusted family.

Our Vision: At CAST, our commitment is to raise standards, deepen our mission, and inspire excellence throughout our community reflected in our vision:

We will work together as one Trust, one family of schools, one community inspired by a vision for excellence. We commit ourselves to deepen our mission and raise standards in order to provide an excellent Catholic education for every child in our care.

Empowering Schools, Nurturing Unity: Experience a unique blend of autonomy and alignment. Our schools retain their distinct character while adhering to shared policies. This delicate equilibrium fosters growth, creativity, and belonging.

Guided by Gospel Values: Our Catholic identity shines through Gospel Values that underpin our mission, embedding faith, compassion, and service into every facet of education.

Exceptional Leadership: Benefit from the guidance and support of our dedicated Senior Executive Leadership Team, led by the CEO, driving our schools towards continued development and success.

Tailored Support for Growth: Embrace bespoke support from our dedicated School Improvement Officer. Our tailored assistance ensures continuous learning, even during holidays.

Crafted Curriculum for Success: Discover our tailored curriculum, rooted in Rosenshine's Principles of Instruction, fostering exceptional teaching and learning experiences.

A Network of Excellence: Connect with like-minded professionals through our peer review, SEND, EYFS, and leadership networks. Together, we cultivate an environment of support and growth.

Shared Expertise for All: Access shared expertise in SEND and EYFS, enhancing every school's ability to meet individual needs.

Centralised Services for Focus: Let us handle operational details. Our centralised services in HR, finance, premises, and safeguarding allow school leaders to concentrate on education.

Governance You Can Trust: Rest assured with robust governance. Our NLGs and governance consultants provide professional guidance for effective leadership.

A Portal of Connection: Stay engaged through our Trust Portal – a hub for collaboration and celebration. Experience shared achievements and progress firsthand.

Professional Development: Our commitment to CPD is unwavering. Engage, develop, and retain talented staff through bespoke CPD pathways built around participants' needs.

Teacher Training: Discover our dedication to teacher development, from Initial Teaching Training (ITT) to Early Career Teacher Training (ECT). Our partnerships ensure quality education.

Research-Based Approach: At CAST, evidence is our foundation. Collaborate with partners and access best practices, fostering continuous improvement.

Bespoke CPD Pathways: Develop your professional skills and gain qualifications through your employment with Plymouth CAST by following one of our CPD pathways to support you in your career:
Embark on a transformative journey with CAST Multi Academy Trust. Unite with us as we illuminate the path to educational excellence. Your journey begins here.
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