CPD - Functional Skills

Functional Skills
Improving Maths and English
Functional skills are practical skill in Mathematics and English that allow individuals to operate confidently, effectively and independently in life and work. Acquiring Functional Skills in Maths and English enables employees to apply skills to different contexts, take on challenges and use initiative and work independently.
If you do not yet have Functional Skills in Maths or English, there is now an opportunity to achieve these Level 2 qualifications through one of the training providers that works in partnership with Plymouth CAST.
What are the benefits for schools?
  • improved efficiency 
  • better communications 
  • customer satisfaction
  • confident and motivated employees
  • better staff retention and recruitment
What are the benefits for employees?
  • access to further learning opportunities  
  • wage mobility
  • more confidence and reduced stress
  • greater job satisfaction 
If you work in a CAST school in any capacity and do not yet have the equivalent of a GCSE C grade in Maths or English (Level 2), please email careers@plymouthcast.org.uk for further information, writing 'Functional Skills' in the subject line.
Plymouth CAST is committed to providing high quality CPD to staff in all roles across the organisation.