Central Office Bulletin Page

This page exists as an emergency resource to support business continuity in the event that the Multi-Academy Trust Central Office, or one of the Academies in the Trust, is required to launch business recovery plans.  An example would be something that may prevent staff attendance or perhaps deny access or travel to a school or site.  Recent events include severe weather, an influenza epidemic, fire or biological hazard such as foot and mouth or avian influenza.
Individual academies maintain their own local plans.  This page is simply to facilitate communications between those affected during the course of the event in order to prevent miscommunication and improve situational awareness so that normal services can be resumed as quickly as possible with the minimum of disruption.
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Thank you.
Rolling News Update:
19 January 2018
0838.  Plymouth CAST central office in Ashburton will rehearse Business Continuity plans during week commencing 12 Feb 18.  This is deliberately planned over a half term to minimise disruption.  Further details to follow.